Music About Life: The Sounds of Savag3 Ghost

Hip-Hop Artist/Songwriter

There are many ways to describe Savag3 Ghost: Unique, Talented and Charismatic. Above all, Savag3 Ghost is real. He delivers honesty from the soul combining art, story and song in perfect unison, in order to deliver Music About Life.


Behind The Music

"Through Musical Creativity and Expression, I have been able to find a coping mechanism which helps others and myself heal from symptoms related to MH."

Brooklyn, NY Native Savag3 Ghost is a 26-year-old ardent lyrical storyteller who unites subjects of solidarity, enthusiasm, desire, and regret into musical concepts that take audiences through an excursion of profound thoughtfulness, While the contagious instrumentals keep the audience returning for a repeated experience. Influenced by greats like Eminem, Logic, Slayer, Metallica, Kanye West, and Michael Jackson to name a few,  Savag3 Ghost combines a well balanced stage presence and vocals over beats that impact one's emotions and psyche. With a respectable catalog of created works, Savag3 Ghost aspires to deliver music about love, life, hardship, overcoming barriers and stigmas that everyone can relate to.


Current Catalog


Catalog of Music Continued


HSD (High School Days)

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Ghost Town


Toxic Love


"We Exist Partially Because Of The Influence Music Has In Our Lives."

-Savag3 Ghost-



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